The last will and testament of a controlling mother – By Liam Fryer


I searched to no avail,

for the thing that draws me in.

Draped in tired failure,

life’s tortured mannequin.

All the while,

people stopped and stared.

They looked but they did not see,

that I was trapped in an endless nightmare.

I am a worn and bitter shrew,

tamed I could not be.

My heart is cold and lonely,

time it is, to set you free.

I am cloaked in mistakes and woe,

and tired I have grown.

My last few years I vow to change,

with what little time I have left in these bones. 

Short lived, too late I fear;

our relationship is mild.

To you these words I leave with tear,

my one and only child.

On to you I pass nothing at all,

from me you need not a thing.

Live out your years in happiness,

maybe one day you can tell me everything.



Note: I would like to assure you all this poem is fictional and by no means about my own mother who I love very much!