JFK once said:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

Although I partially agree with the former US president’s wisdom, I would like to amend that statement to this:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the future are certain to miss the present.”

Of course it is important to aspire to be all that you can be, however, what is more important is that you don’t lose sight of who you are.

We only become the people we are meant to be by being who we are along the way. I know it sounds silly, but I think the quote should remind us that whatever happened in the past and whatever is to happen in the future should not be our main focus, the here and now should be.

I have experienced a lot of looking towards the future. As a recent graduate of teenage school for the last ten years people have been asking me: ‘well, what do you want to do?’ I am now lucky enough that I can give them an answer. Some people are not so lucky; not yet anyway.

That time of year has arrived when masses upon masses of teenagers will be sweating, panicking, stressing and frankly just ‘freakin’ out’ over the little sheets of paper in front of them as they are sitting their GCSE/A Level exams.

I say to all of you, don’t worry.

Two years ago I was sitting in a common room in sixth form with all my friends, everyone in my world. Three months later I went to Sheffield to study graphic design and my world completely changed. Everyone I knew went off to do their own things and we lost touch. I lost touch with all apart from around ten people. Then, just little over eight months ago now; I just up and moved to Perth, Australia with my brother leaving everything I had ever known behind me. Suffice it to say, my world completely changed. Again.

The message I want to convey is that change is indeed: ‘the law of life’.  We cannot stop it, so don’t even try. If you want to do something, do it; If you want to study, study; if you want to travel, travel; if you want to work, work.

Don’t leave any room for regrets in your life because they will take over and consume you.

The post which follows this post is a poem I wrote, which addresses similar themes to this article.




World Cup Warm Up: Brazil 2014

– England announce youthful squad.

– Australia vow to excite!

England boss, Roy Hodgson (pictured below with Raheem Sterling), has put forward a very young squad to take on the challenges that lie in wait in Brazil. The squad averages an age of just 26, and Hodgson has extreme confidence that his men are talented and grounded enough to get the job done. He suggests they have the capabilities to come out top dogs in South America:

Yes of course we can win the World Cup, but why would we be going otherwise? We are right to have some degree of optimism.”



– (Opened by P.O.N.D from Perth, WA).

Last night the Arctic Monkeys came swinging into town and played at Perth Arena in Western Australia. Let it be said, once again, they were nothing short of spectacular.

They hold five chart topping albums, an astonishingly huge worldwide following and this frankly still very young band get better each time out.

Featuring a set-list predominantly pulling tracks from there latest best seller ‘AM’, they shook Perth to its core with their signature indie/alternative mantra. (more…)

The rise of the E-Book!

-Can it gain true power?


With the years ticking by and technology sinking its teeth deeper into society with each passing year, the temptation to jump ship and become a digital consumer is more overwhelming than ever.

The rise to prominence of devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and Amazon Kindle as well as every Mac automatically being linked up to the Apple ibooks store, makes it hard for us not to want to be involved with digital media consumption. (more…)

What happened when Past, Present and Future walked into the bar…?


Ok, that felt potentially painful on the scale of cheese. But let bygones be bygones I guess; it’s out there now.

Jokes aside. That’s at least how it will feel in front of a panel of pre consuming recruiters as one of them questions:

“So, Mr…Fryer. What experience do you have?” (more…)