My name is Liam Fryer. I was born in the U.K and went all the way through the English education system up to and including university, almost.

I have to mention that university was only for one year as a budding graphic designer, and I dabbled in photography (both of which I still love today), before I realised my true calling. Writing. 

As far back as I can remember, I have always found great pride in that moment when someone commends you for your creativity and flair. Graphic design skills have been a somewhat recent development to my skill-set over the last few years. However, the ability to compose structurally sound and compelling literary pieces has always been present in me, even from a young age. Granted back then my poems and stories where not ‘as’ structurally sound as I would have liked; alas I can be forgiven, I was six. Since hatching from my cocoon of protection provided by the schooling system, I have found a new drive to succeed; one which grows stronger every day. 

I am, I assure you by no means a literary nut. I will not quote you shakespeare or Cummings and ramble on about how we must aspire to be like writers of the past. No. The Writer’s Game is about something quite different; It’s about how we should aspire to be ‘THEE’ writers of the Future. 

In my time as of yet I have dipped into just about every type of writing, from poetry to sports journalism; both of which I respect and enjoy equally. I say I have dabbled and I say this because I simply mean I have written many pieces within all these areas, however never for my profession. Up until this point I have written simply to write. May forever that mindset continue in all writers, but to do what you love as your profession is a dream not too many people accomplish. 

I flat out refuse to be one of those people who don’t even try.

If you do too, follow this blog and lets get talking about how to get our feet planted firmly in the door.



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