– (Opened by P.O.N.D from Perth, WA).

Last night the Arctic Monkeys came swinging into town and played at Perth Arena in Western Australia. Let it be said, once again, they were nothing short of spectacular.

They hold five chart topping albums, an astonishingly huge worldwide following and this frankly still very young band get better each time out.

Featuring a set-list predominantly pulling tracks from there latest best seller ‘AM’, they shook Perth to its core with their signature indie/alternative mantra.


AM Tour @ Perth Arena 2014

AM Tour @ Perth Arena 2014


Honourable mention has to go to the opening act P.O.N.D. Being a local band from Perth, pressure was on to perform in front of the masses of journalists, paparazzi and fans alike; they executed extremely adequately.

Although a different pace from the Monkeys themselves and maybe a bit too techno-esque for my tastes, they were a brilliant warm up gig. They provided fans with an opportunity to settle into things and not strain any vocal muscles while belting out ‘R U Mine?’ not long after.

These young lads from the steel town of Sheffield (England) really know how to get the crowd going. Typical of an Arctic Monkeys gig fans were going wild to the usual suspect tracks: ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ and, ‘Dancing shoes’. The mood was brought down to a solemn sway and a sea of mobile phone lights moving in unison for: ‘505’ and a new entry from AM, ‘I wanna be yours’. Which was rather mesmerising and a somewhat memorable moment.

All in all, Perth did themselves proud in capping off an excellent Australasian tour from Alex turner and the boys and have once again proved that Perth is a ‘must stop’ destination for any Australian music tour.

I think I can speak for all of Perth in giving a fond farewell.

Until next time lads.





  1. Summed up perfectly. I was there last night and it was wonderful. My first time at Perth arena too and I loved it. Alex Turner has a voice like a velvet jacket

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