What happened when Past, Present and Future walked into the bar…?


Ok, that felt potentially painful on the scale of cheese. But let bygones be bygones I guess; it’s out there now.

Jokes aside. That’s at least how it will feel in front of a panel of pre consuming recruiters as one of them questions:

“So, Mr…Fryer. What experience do you have?”

My reaction to that question will be less than whelming. Much less. Well, at least in the context of what they want to hear. Yet I greatly the value the experience that I do have. I have written piece after piece and compared to articles that litter the web for a bit of research. My Findings?

Just give me a chance.

Of Course, the way of the world is not so generous. Not always. Sure I have had articles appear before but those pieces were in passing and I struggled to generate something of substance for myself in terms of a name in the business. As a beginner in the writing industry, I know it is a daunting prospect. Force your articles in any way. Contact magazines, papers, digital web reads and anything else you can think of. Offer your services for no less than absolutely nothing at all. You may just find yourself catching a well deserved break as so many have before you.

My advice to all who are sitting in this boat with me, though it may be freezing, cold, wet and unbearable at times is just keep writing: Something happens in the world, write about it; have and idea for a song or poem, get it down; have a story to tell, tell it.

This is the beginning of my story and nobody will write it but me.


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